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We came back from the guangzhou international exhibition successfully
From 16 to?19,?On May, 2012, the 10th China international exhibition was held in guangzhou trade fair pavilion. China international exhibition on the elevator is one of the world's largest, There were 336 square meters with our company.
Our company was set up in 2002, products have been sold in 77 countries during this time the ,?what's more ,it enjoys a high reputation abroad. So the research team of our company take part??in the guangzhou international elevator exhibition together with new and old customers.they are from more than 50 countries and regions such as Russia, Malaysia, Italy, Britain, France, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon .
At that time, The international business department of our company?have determined the intention of cooperation with new customers?from more than 30 countries, and signed orders with Malaysia and lebanon. The domestic business department of our company is same excellent, they have determined the intention of cooperation with customers from jiangxi, hubei, anhui, guangxi, yunnan provinces , and signed??the order with the customer from jilin .
With end of?Guangzhou exhibition, research team with a lot of customers came back together. .It is really our honor .So we will try our best and do it better.