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We are brilliant with the World Cup in South Africa
At end of?the 2010 World Cup in South Africa officially, it left many memorable moments and beautiful memories to the world of football fans. As the World Cup in South Africa elevator suppliers-koyo elevator, this is also the history of the wonderful masterpiece.?
If we said koyo elevator in South Africa, it has to date back to 2004.Our company has established??friendly and cooperative relations with the South African government, providing some public projects with escalators and high-speed elevators, such as KASTE dam, MALTA??power plant
Afterwards,?the government in order to organize the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, vigorously reform of infrastructure and the new stadium, elevators, escalators and moving sidewalks demand is estimated around 200 units.?KOYO main provide escalator infrastructure projects for the World Cup?.Including Johannesburg's soccer city annex the CORONATION of the hospital, CHRIS HANI hospital, ELLES park on the edge of joburg hospital, Pretoria TSWANE hospital in the main stadium, Cape Town, the leader of the courtside hospital, etc.?For?far-sighted decision makers, our company decided to set up offices in South Africa, and deploy experienced sales director and installation team based in South Africa, support the construction and maintenance of the World Cup projects.?From the early stage of the shaft to measure on site installation, to the World Cup the elevator operation monitoring and maintenance, special implement "a team is responsible for a project, two sets of placement service 24 hours a day" policy, to ensure that all the elevator can be used smoothly .?In addition,?we have also made a special trip to South Africa office, set up headquarters for each project site for unified management, overall arrangement, to ensure that all work orderly, can make a rapid response in case of emergency, to ensure all elevators shipping service security during the World Cup is normal?.Running the?elevator connecting the profound friendship between the two countries, China and South Africa connects the African people's deep aftertaste, for the World Cup also connect the tong dynasty people hope for a better future!